Speech on Cyber Bullying

Technology has much to contribute to the present lifestyle of ours. The adaptive practices of keeping ourselves connected with the social media have their own charm. We as an individual feel much closer and connected to our far as well as near friends through these social media. Sometimes the list of our acquaintances on social media stretches to even those who have never been introduced to us in the practical world. This zest of having virtual friends has its own pros. We feel more comfortable and free with a person who has not any prejudgment for us. This makes us vulnerable to rely more on them in sharing our deepest secrets sometimes.

Speech on cyber bullying

With every good thing, there comes a loss. And with the increase in networking, people are more prone to be a victim of cyberbullying. 8 out of 10 cyberbullying cases are registered in every 5 minutes. This easily depicts the high rate of increase of cyberbullying cases in today’s time. To know more about it, we should first get a fair idea of what is cyberbullying and what all activities or acts fall under this category.

As the name suggests, it is a sort of bullying or harassment that is done through electronic means. Teenagers are the most prone individuals to face this type of bullying. It is because they are tended to be active more on social media on different platforms as compared to any other age group. Incidents such as threats, rumors are noticed to be a part of cyberbullying. To make the situation more intense, it has been seen that unwanted messages are spread and posted on digital media to harass the victim. This could be done with the help of SMS, Mails, MMS, images, and many more.

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However, with the increase in awareness, people are becoming more conscious on social media and are using preventive measures to avoid such situations but still, the evils of cyberbullying are expanding its roots and are entitled to do the damage to a great extent.

If we talk about legal actions that are taken against any such incidents, then we have a list of strict punishments that are strictly executed in case of any case registered.  But apart from punishments, we as a responsible citizen should be strong enough to prevent such instances to occur. Today I am discussing a few of the preventive measures that could surely help you to prevent yourself as well as other people near you, to stop this parasite of cyberbullying.

  1. Don’t respond to any such initiation. Ignorance is bliss in such cases.
  2. Don’t retaliate to any advances. It will ultimately bring the impression that you are not bothered by such things.
  3. Save the evidence to report them further if it doesn’t end.
  4. Talk to your trusted adult and take his advice for the same.
  5. Block the bully to avoid any such interactions.
  6. Be a friend not a bystander for someone who needs your support to stop this bullying.

I appeal all the social media users to use this media to get involved socially with people not to let anyone down for one or the second reason.