Difference Between Real Leather & Faux Leather

Leather jackets are always the best investments to make; these days, there have been several options to look forward to when it comes to leather jackets. Many options are being floated now and then, and this comprises of jackets inspired by movies, series and many costumes. Several celebrities also tend to have an exceptional look, and that is because of the seamless leather jackets they are dressed in.

However, purchasing real leather jackets may be out of the budget for many people. In this case, the best alternative is faux leather. The layout and design that you get your hands on in the real leather will be the same as those in the faux leather. Hence, many people tend to opt for these. There are several differences between the two kinds of materials; a few of these differences that are present between real and faux leather may comprise of the following:

Source of Material

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The first thing that makes real leather and faux leather differ is their source. Real leather is sourced from animal skin, including buffalo, oxen and cattle. The animal hide helps make real leather jackets.

In the case of a faux leather jacket, you will find it is made from plastic. It is usually polythene used to manufacture faux leather, and out of this, these faux leather jackets are manufactured.

Manufacture of Real and Faux Leather

When it comes to manufacturing real leather jacket, animal hides are being processed in the machinery, which creates a nice look and pattern – for such jackets, check out www.ultimateapparels.com. However, when it comes to faux leather, polythene or plastic is finished with wax, and this finished version comes out as faux leather that is then used to manufacture the faux leather jackets. You can also check difference b/w real leather vs suede leather.

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Appearance and Texture

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Real leather is unique. You will not be able to find the same animal hideout of similar animals; hence, this fact makes genuine leather jackets unique. Moreover, the patterns over the base of the real leather represent the veins and skin pattern much similar to that of the animal itself.

Whereas, when it comes to faux leather, these patterns are not naturally found on the base but can be made. While finishing and synthesizing takes place, the grains and the design of veins are being created artificially to give it the same look and layout as that of a real leather jacket.

The durability of the Jackets

As far as the durability of the jackets is concerned, you will not find anything as durable as a real leather jacket. Real leather jackets are originally acquired and hence are very long lasting. They do not damage or deteriorate easily. Using them for years and years does not even lead to making their appearance look dull or torn down.

Whereas a faux leather jacket’s life may not be as long as a real leather jacket is. These days’ faux leather jackets are opted for by many people, but they do not have a longer life than a real leather jacket. They even wear out in a span of a few years and might lose their finish as well.

Cost of the Jackets

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In the case of real leather jackets, because of being originally manufactured using animal hide that is rare to find these jackets are very expensive. Real leather accessories are always very costly as compared to artificial options.

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In the case of faux leather jackets, you will find them a bit cheaper. This is what makes it suitable for everyone to purchase these jackets, and therefore every design made in real leather is also replicated in faux leather so that everyone may buy them.

Feel and Appeal

Another factor that distinguishes real leather and faux leather is the feel and finish. The real leather has a unique touch and finish that is not observed in the case of faux leather. Even the real leather smells very different, not the smell of faux leather. These factors allow people to even judge between real and faux leather.

Cleaning Process of Jackets

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When cleaning the real leather jacket, you have to be very careful. You need to make sure that you don’t use any harsh chemicals; a mild and specially formulated cleaning agent suitable for cleaning a real leather jacket must be used in the case of a real leather jacket.

Whereas, in the case of a faux leather jacket, you can use a mild detergent mixed with water and wipe off any stain that might have made your leather jacket look awful.

Edging of the Jacket

The edging of the leather jacket also helps determine what kind of jacket is it. It will not have smooth edges if it is real leather, and a natural outlay only has rough edges. However, in the case of faux leather, the edges will be finished with a smooth look since this is done artificially; hence, this differentiates the two kinds of materials.

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The Pattern of the Jacket

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In the case of a real leather jacket, you would find the pores on the base of a real leather jacket to be a random one. The pattern would be very random and not repetitive. However, in the case of a faux leather jacket, it would be a very consistent and repetitive one. Since the faux leather jacket is a fabricated version, machineries help create the consistent pattern repeatedly. This could be a factor to differentiate the two kinds of materials.

The Comfort of the Jacket

When you wear a real leather jacket, you would naturally feel very comfortable the moment it is worn on your body. Whereas, when you wear a faux leather jacket, the same comfort will not be enjoyed. Even the touch of a real leather jacket is also very cozy, which is not felt when you touch a faux leather jacket.

These two kinds of jackets have their layout, appearance and comfort level. However, when it comes to investing in a real leather or suede leather jacket, you should have a huge budget that is not possible in every case, and hence this makes people buy a faux leather jacket instead.