7 Best Hairstyle App for Android for Men and Women in 2024

Choosing a new hairstyle can be, and often is, stressful. Just deciding on what you like is a handful, not to mention the risk of going through a whole ordeal only to discover that the style you have chosen simply isn’t working for you and you are not happy with the way you look. Fortunately, hairstyle apps can help you with both of these issues. Not only will they make a selection process a breeze, but many of them will offer you a chance to actually see how a hairstyle will look on you. All you have to do is show it to your hairstylist and tell them to copy it. If you are planning on changing your hairstyle soon, here are our choices for the best hairstyle apps for 2024.

1. HairStyle mirror

img source: googleusercontent.com

For women

Developer: Fueneco

As the name suggests, this app turns your phone or tablet into a veritable hairstyle mirror. It allows you to search more than 100 different hairstyles and modify them to suit your taste. They are divided into five basic categories: short, long, medium, special, and crazy. For each of them, you can change color or shape until you are happy with the result. The app has a handy face tracking feature, allowing your selected hairstyle to follow you on the screen, regardless if you are in the center of the camera or not. You can also lock it, so it stays put and you can move your phone until you are satisfied with the fit.

2. Woman Hair Style Photo Montage Maker

img source: winudf.com

For women

Developer: Photo Montage

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Woman Hair Style Photo Montage Maker can save you a lot of time browsing fashion magazines and looking for that perfect hairstyle. It also eliminates the possibility of a hairstyle not fulfilling your expectations. The app makes it easy to test various hairstyles and see what works for you, regardless of if you want to get a completely new look or just change color or style. Using the app is very simple. All you need is to take a photo of your face and try it out with various frames. Even if you don’t plan on making any changes to your hair, the app will provide a ton of fun for you and your friends.

3. Hair Zapp

img source: mzstatic.com

For women

Developer: Style Concept SC KG

Using Hair Zapp is very easy. Pull your hair away from your face, take a picture with your phone, and start applying various hairstyles. The rest is simply a matter of your own personal style and choice. Hair Zapp uses high-res images, so the resulting picture will be indistinguishable from a real photo, but only if your original picture is also in high resolution. You can also compare two different looks side by side and send them to your friends for a second opinion. The app is completely free and it doesn’t contain any in-app purchases, so you can also let your kids try it without fear of raking up your credit card bill.

4. Hairstyle Changer

img source: winudf.com

For women and men

Developer: Mettletech

Hairstyle Changer is a handy app that can help both boys and girls pick out their new look. One downside is that there are only 50 hairstyles to choose from, but that can be easily remedied in the future if developers decide to add more. Apart from hair, you can also choose different types of sunglasses to complete your look. For men, the app offers various face hair options, so they can test how different style mustaches and beards would look on them. It can save you a few months of growing a beard only to discover it doesn’t suit you. You can also erase an unwanted portion of any hairstyle to see how it looks on you. And if you find out which type of hair suits you best and you are ready to change your looks, visit https://www.bonohair.com/hairpieces-for-men/stock-hair-systems/.

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5. Girls HairStyles HD

img source: pinimg.com

For women and men

Developer: Andromida apps

Girls HairStyles HD is an app primarily intended for teenage girls, but that doesn’t mean older women can’t use it as well. After all, age is just a number and how young you feel is what counts. It has a hairstyle for every occasion, from formal ones to quick Dutch braid for a walk through a mall with your friends. It will provide you with a chance to test a hairstyle before committing to it and possibly save you from trouble if it doesn’t turn out right. Many schools and educational institutions have strict dress codes, which include the types of hairstyles they permit on campus for their students. With Girls HairStyles HD, you can test different hairstyles and make sure that they conform to the rules.

6. Updo Styles

img source: abeautifulmess.com

For women and men

Developer: Bytamin LLC

The Updo app takes a different approach to choosing your next hairstyle. Instead of traditional categories, it offers unique choices, like Textures and Braids, Romantic and Elegant, Volumized, Half Up Half Down, Trendy, Half Swept, Flower Girls, Soft Updos, and others. All categories contain the latest trendy hairstyles, making sure that your hair is always on point and fresh. Each of the 80 offers styles offers several pictures, including frontal, sides, and back. With Updo, it is easy to show and explain your hairstylist exactly what you want, leaving no doubts about how your hair should look. Take note that instructions aren’t included, so your stylist has to recreate the style from pictures alone, although that shouldn’t be a problem. Handy categories make browsing simple and you won’t spend hours searching for something that suits you.

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7. Latest Boys Hair Style 2024

img source: amazon.com

For men

Developer: Apps Cloud Zone

Designed solely for boys, Latest Boys Hair Style 2024 does exactly what its name suggests. It offers the latest trendy hair and beard styles for men and gives them a chance to see them before making a decision. Beards are especially handy options, as they take a long time to grow and you may end up disappointed with your look and wasting all that time. It has many different categories for hairstyles, including Curly / Wavy Hair Cuts for Boys, Spikey Hairstyle, Short Hairstyle, Fauxhawk Hairstyle, Undercut Hairstyle, Long side bang hairstyle, Mohawk cuts Hairstyle, Pompadour Hairstyle, Cool Long layered haircut, Sideburn Hairstyle, Fauxhawk Hairstyle, Long, short, medium Fade Hairstyle, Sidecut Hairstyle, and several others.