8 Tips to Hire the Best Air Conditioning Technician – 2024 Guide

An air conditioner is one of those complicated systems that only skilled professionals can install and mend any issues regarding the system. This is because an air conditioner is made of many internal and external features that any unskilled person would fail to understand if major complications would arise. Therefore, for these reasons, one is advised to hire a skilled technician to deal with any matters arising concerning the air conditioner whether at a residential building or commercial buildings.

So how can one know the best AC technician to hire by comfyhome.com.au and when to hire them? First and foremost, let us identify the common problems related to an air conditioning system. It is important to mention that most of the problems listed below are caused by wrong AC operation and irregular poor maintenance.

Common Problems Related to An Air Conditioner

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The air conditioner failing to turn on when switched on- This might be due to dead thermostat batteries which need to be replaced. But if this is done and the AC still doesn’t turn on then this is a cause for alarm and an expert should be called to check out the air conditioner

The air conditioner blowing cold air when on heat mode and the air conditioner blowing hot air when on cool mode- these two problems might be because of a blocked air filter due to poor maintenance and the failure to change the air filters as required.

Leaks in the air conditioners refrigerant-this is quite a common problem related to ACs which might be due to reasons like;

  • Freezing of the coil
  • Compressor damages
  • High energy consumption, among other problems.
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Loud noises from the AC- depending on what problem the AC has; it will produce different sounds which might be due to;

  • Leaks of the refrigerant
  • Poor motor assembly
  • Damaged fan or compressor
  • Relay issues in the functioning of the AC.

Unskilled power control-this is a problem that happens when one keeps turning on and off the power creating damages to the condenser, the fan, and the compressor

A clogged drainage system-this is an issue that arises when the water in the drainage pans fails to drain completely leading to the growth of fungus and molds in the pipes hence the clogged drainage system.

Now that we have identified the problems that might cause us to hire skilled technicians, we can then understand how we can hire the best air conditioning technicians in our homes or workplaces.

What To Consider (8 Tips) When Hiring the Best Air Conditioning Technician?

1. Training and education

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A professional air conditioning technician should have undergone training and apprenticeship for not less than 48 months (4 years). This apprenticeship is usually school-based. Therefore, before one hires a technician, they should be able to prove they enrolled and completed the apprenticeship.

2. Certifications and licensing

To work as a certified technician in Western Australia (WA), one needs to obtain an electrical license from a licensing company known as energy safety.

Again, all the professional technicians should get from the Australian refrigeration council (ARC) a refrigerant handling licensing to be allowed to handle refrigerant chemicals.

3. Experience

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Would you prefer to hire a technician who just finished his /her apprenticeship or a technician who has been in the field for a while?

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This is a question we need to ask ourselves before hiring a technician to deal with our air conditioning systems. The answer to the above question is quite simple. Why? Because we prefer to hire an experienced technician because we feel safer if they do the job as most probably, they have come across such a problem before compared to when an amateur technician does the job.

4. Referrals

Trying to find a technician who is the best might be hard sometimes if one had not been in a similar situation before. At this point, asking others who have been in the problem before might be a good idea! This is because they will refer to you as a good technician who they feel did the job nicely saving you the hassle of trial and error.

5. Background story/reputation

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Before hiring a technician, one should try as hard as one can to first understand who this technician is. Failure to do this, one might end up hiring a very unethical technician who does not know how to handle the people around. Therefore, before hiring a person to come into your home or workplace check on them and ask around and gauge their work ethics.

6. Budget/estimated cost

How much are you willing to give for the necessary repairs? Depending on a person’s budget, they can tell if at all they want to hire a particular technician or not. Some technicians are legit enough to make prior visits to your home and check on the AC system, listing down all the problems that need to be repaired hence a well-estimated invoice. Other technicians do not do that and it is advisable to not deal with those.

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7. Has fair prices

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When dealing with delicate systems like the air conditioning system, one might be tempted to look for the cheapest contractors to make their installations and even repairs. But this is a bad move most of the time, remember, cheap can be expensive sometimes! This is because a cheap contractor might be unskilled and uninsured causing you more complications to your system than before. This is why one is advised to hire quality contractors with fair prices.

Note: Fair prices do not mean cheap prices.

8. Technician’s insurance

This is quite an important tip when it comes to hiring the best air conditioning technician. This is because when a technician is already insured, the owner of the air conditioning system is not responsible for any damage that the technician will incur during the repair session. In such a case where one needs to hire a technician, they should make sure the technician has been insured and by a known insurer to avoid any future complications and mistrust.

As seen above those are some if not all of the tips needed to identify the best air conditioning technicians from the fake ones in the industry, if followed strictly!
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