7 Supplements Women Over 40 Should Take

Age should always be regarded as just a number is a popular notion of staying positive during the times when you have reached a certain age. Yes, without a doubt, it is a good approach to live with because unnecessary pressure that women create in their heads when it comes to coming of age is too toxic and can affect one’s mood and happiness.
Staying fit and recovering from all the nutritional deficiencies should be the goal if you have been ignoring your health for a very long time. Exercise and diet are the two best options that can keep any of you young no matter in which age bracket do you fit in.
Certain nutritional supplements can also be taken if you feel that somehow you are not able to consume the specific vitamins and minerals through your regular diet. You can also start consuming specifically for all the particular nutritional deficiencies that you might have.

supplements for women

In this age and trend of an unhealthy lifestyle, it is important that you not only commit to a healthy lifestyle but also start with taking the much-needed precautions for inviting the most common diseases in this age. Problems of diabetes, heart, and blood pressure, back and joint pains are the most common ones.
Here are the seven supplements that you should consider taking for filling all the gaps in nutritional deficiencies:

Vitamin D3

It is one vitamin that many people lack, especially at this age. Maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D3 in the body is crucial for sustaining the ideal weight of the body. If the body lacks too much of Vitamin D, then it is most likely for you to experience pain in various parts of the body. You will start feeling the fatigue, and you will be left amazed as to why such pain is happening in your body.

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Doctors do prescribe Vitamin D3 for people who are deficient in the same. Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D, sitting 20 minutes daily in the sun can do wonders for the body. Vitamin D3 is also considered of much importance for warding off depression.


It will not at all be a surprise to know that many of you would not have even heard of the mentioned vitamin. It is one of the most critical vitamins that belong to the family of Vitamin B. Keeping depression away and in improving the current poor mental state is also what folate helps immensely with. In the medical world, folate is regarded to be one of the most beneficial vitamins in brain health along with fish oil. Glucosmart at Yes Wellness can help women who have been dealing with the issues of elevated androgens and insulin resistance.


This vitamin is suggested for all women over 40 who have a family history of bone loss or osteoporosis. Strontium is known to increase bone density in women at very effective rates. Long terms consumption of a daily dose of the vitamin has helped many women in recovering their lost bone density.


This particular nutrient is an underdog, and not many are aware of its importance. A study concluded that women who were kept on a daily dose of ribose with time experienced sound sleep and higher energy levels during the day, and more than usual. The trial subjects also experienced better clarity of thoughts and less pain.

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This is another healthy substance that people usually aren’t aware of. A probiotic supplement plays a massive role in restoring healthy bacteria in the gut. A functional medicine professional would tell you that almost every disease sees its opening through an unhealthy gut.
An unhealthy gut also starts affecting the brain and can lead to mood disorders and not to mention the fact that the same can also lead to almost 200 separate diseases and poor health conditions.


This is one chemical element that women are usually aware of because this has been marketed a lot for years. You definitely must have seen advertisements on television where it must have presented with you a statistic based on calcium deficiency in women. Well, yes that is the truth. Leafy vegetables are one good source to keep ample calcium in your system.

Hydrochloric Acid

The presence of HCL in the stomach as a digestive juice plays a major role in digesting all the food that we eat daily. Unfortunately, in women after 40 HCL levels tend to taper off and with time it eventually results in issues such as bloating, indigestion. The issue can be curbed by consuming hydrochloric acid supplement as recommended by a medical professional. Adequate levels of HCL in the body can also help women with the maintenance of their healthy skin and can also improve the condition if it hasn’t been good in all this time.

Hence, women over 40 can rely on these 7 supplements to lead a better and healthier lifestyle.