6 Misconception People Have About Wearing Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are often accompanied by many myths and mistrust. Most of them are neither scientifically nor reasonably supported at all, which means that you need to take a different approach when reasoning your views related to waist trainers. As a consequence of some popular beliefs, many avoid wearing them, even though they might help with proper posture at various times.

As you can guess, one of the most common problems that users face is the comfort (or rather the discomfort) of this piece of clothing. Most of the known prejudices come from that. The key when buying waist trainers is to know what their quality is, which would also mean having a place to buy from – for example you can find here everything you need and you are confident in the quality at all times.

And in fact, we are used to constantly having myths and prejudices about a product on the market, and with that, denials and instructions on how to actually use it correctly and which one has a real benefit. When it comes to waist trainers, we can say the following common misconceptions:

1. It can temporarily or permanently change the shape of your waist

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One common misconception about waist trainers is that they can permanently change the shape of a person’s waist. Fortunately, our bodies know much better than that, and even after some compression in an area, when the pressure is removed, we return to our natural shape. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be if we were so elastic that a waist trainer could permanently change our bodies. Impossible, right?

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Additionally, wearing a waist trainer for long periods of time or too tightly can be dangerous and can cause organ compression and other health issues.

2. Wearing a waist trainer can help you lose weight

It would be ideal if it could since that means no more exercising and no more diets. But, it’s too good to be true to wear something that compresses your body, and permanently makes you slim.

Anyway, many people know that wearing a waist trainer will not help you lose weight. It can only make your waist appear smaller by compressing your abdominal area.

It’s great in cases when you need to look thinner on special occasions, or for special purposes. But, it’s not a permanent solution for you to appear smaller than you are. We hope that now everyone understands that waist trainers won’t help you lose weight. Instead, you may get too confident and stop paying attention to your eating and exercising habits, knowing that you can compress your waist for a few hours and have the line you’ve always wanted.

3. It’s fine to wear a waist trainer all day long

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This is a pretty common myth people tend to believe. But once they get a waist trainer, they realize it’s very uncomfortable and even more restrictive. It can also cause skin irritation and chafing. Can you imagine being tight all day, say eight hours, while at work, just to look thinner? Body compression is good when it’s temporary, but if it lasts too long it can cause problems with your circulation, digestion, and even your heart.

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Waist trainers are a temporary, not ideal solution to improve your figure. Even if you manage to last a few hours with such a corset, you will notice that you have at least skin irritations, if not worse consequences. Therefore, be moderate and do not rely on the popular belief that waist trainers are comfortable or useful for you. On the contrary, you have to be really careful when wearing them, especially if you already have some kind of health problem.

4. Wearing a waist trainer can fix your posture

For this, there are special aids, which are intended for improving the posture of the body. In addition, exercises, stretching, and strengthening of the abdominal muscles are recommended in order to reduce the strain on your spine.

But waist trainers are not meant to improve your posture. On the contrary, as we have already said, they only temporarily improve how you look or keep you firm in moments when you need them. However, if you have a problem with your posture, it’s a good idea to wear an orthotic instead of a sports aid.

5. You should wear a smaller waist trainer for better results

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This is so wrong, it can even be dangerous to your health. If you buy a smaller size waist trainer, the only thing you can achieve is extreme discomfort and problems with blood flow in places where you are too tight. Trust us, it’s better to wear a waist trainer that fits your size, rather than struggling with something that’s too small and causes a series of health hazards.

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6. A waist trainer that is too tight can damage your bones

Waist trainers are made from elastic compression materials. It’s true that compression is not ideal in the long run and can be extremely uncomfortable. But on the other hand, there is no serious risk of deformities of the ribs, bones, or even muscles in the parts of the body where the waist trainer is placed. The only thing that can happen is that it is either too tight or very uncomfortable. But the risk of breaking and deforming bones practically does not exist.


As you can see, many popular products are often accompanied by myths related to proper use. If you are informed in time about all these aspects, you will use the waist trainers correctly, without additional risks neither for you nor for your health.

And of course, if you have certain health problems, you must consult a doctor before deciding to wear anything compressive on your body. Finally, we emphasize that by defeating the myths, you are better informed about whatever interests you in life. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re buying, but also what you expect from that product. We recommend that you inform yourself about waist trainers in time, in order to avoid all these myths that we have mentioned.